My imagination & logic

My heart aches
For loving someone who doesn’t exist
I have good memories of things we’ll do
And bad memories of things I know you’ll do

It’s not the lying that tears us down
Nor is it the arguments about cheating

What brings us down is my logic
That you one day will walk into my life
And I’ll love you

But you don’t exist yet
And at the same time you do
You exist in the figments of my imagination

That one day, ups and downs
Will be shared with you

My heart aches
Because WE don’t exist

I’m not sure what compelled me to write this poem…although recently I have found myself imagining myself being with someone..who? I don’t know. Just someone who will love me for me. But at the age of 26, I think I’m a bit too old to attempt to find someone now. No matter how much I want to share life with another soul, maybe I’m just meant to be single. There are people who never experience love with another person (that’s not family or friends or God). I feel like I’m one of those people – longing to love, but never getting the opportunity to show it. It’s very sad and the realization of the possibility that I’m one of those people…really scares me.

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