Rude, Old Lady!

I try to hold my anger inside while I’m at work…I work with someone (only through email and phone calls) because she’s in California. She handles a client that is out in California, so it helps that she’s in here.

The problem? She’s rude! I mean in the way she talks, writes her emails…I mean, she just screams rudeness! I am not the only one who feels this way, so I know it’s not just my imagination. But every time I get an email from her I want to scream my head off. I’ve begun to attribute it to the fact that she’s Californian…I’ve heard they’re a bit rude (and from Los Angeles). I’ve been there, felt the rudeness. But I cannot just attribute it to that anymore.

I guess I’m frustrated because for goodness sakes! You’re old enough to be my mom and if you were here at our offices in San Antonio, you wouldn’t be acting the way you are…or rather I’d hope not. I guess I’m just annoyed right now. Long story short, I know my reactions to her need to change, but I feel she needs to fix her attitude as well.

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