Memories & Poetry

I haven’t been writing any blogs recently. I’ve been busy with work and with trying to still have my social life. I have many things that I want to write down and catch up on my blog. But today, I read some old poetry of mine & the tears came strolling down, of the memories of when I wrote the poem. Can you remember? Can you remember when you wrote something and remember the emotions that can come with it. It’s crazy. Here’s my poem I wrote back in 2010. I remember. I will always  remember. Please disregard my spelling and grammar errors…apparently I didn’t focus on that back then.

When you saw my face, you knew I knew

As the tears rolled down, you caught my hand

Waiting for you to make a sound

I’m sorry that I’m leaving, I’ve got to find my way

I’ll always love you, every step of the way

I’m not ready for forever

So I’m on my way

Your hand left mine

left me crying on the floor

please don’t you leave me, i’m not ready to let go.

with one hand, you wiped my tears

told me don’t you worry,  you’ll be right here

Every night in  my dreams

i’ll dream of you

Remember our promiese, That we’ll say I do

But i have to find myself, even though i love you

to be a better man, to care for you

I’m not ready for forever, no not right now

So i’m on my way, to make you proud, to be a better man, to care for you.

When you left me crying I stood around

the room was spinnning

I had to sit down

Listened to the silence of no one around

My heart was shattered

knowing you left town

please find yourself, and hurry back

to put me back together, so i don’t break down

Go and find yourself to be the man, you want to be

I’ll be here waiting

cause I’m ready for forever, and you’re the one

You’ll come back, cause i’m your one

you’re not ready for forever

but you love me too much

to break our promise

and leave me broke inside

when you come back and see my face

nothing would have changed

but i’ll be waiting in our secret place

holding on to our picture

and we’ll say I do

You’ll be my forever, please come back soon

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