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Rude, Old Lady!

I try to hold my anger inside while I’m at work…I work with someone (only through email and phone calls) because she’s in California. She handles a client that is out in California, so it helps that she’s in here. … Continue reading

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Furthering My Education

I want to go back to school. I have two degrees. I have a B.A. in Communication Arts (with a focus in journalism) and I have a Master’s of Arts in Administration (with a focus in communication arts). I’ve found … Continue reading

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Something missing

Lately, I’ve been feeling like … I can’t even describe it. A lot of my friends are now in relationships and/or moving in with their significant others or even contemplating marriage. I feel like, not that I’m behind them or … Continue reading

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Memories & Poetry

I haven’t been writing any blogs recently. I’ve been busy with work and with trying to still have my social life. I have many things that I want to write down and catch up on my blog. But today, I … Continue reading

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