I’m a big girl. I can’t deny that. When I was younger I was actually really petite. But as years went by my illness and the medicines got the best of me. I was on steroids for a good part of my childhood. I gained so much weight. I was 12 years old and over 200lbs and shorter than 5ft. By the time I got to high school, I was still a big girl. I got sick and lost a lot of weight. Even with that, I’m still not skinny, or rather, healthy.

Healthy is something I want to strive for – partially to show people that I’m beautiful, but to prove to myself that I’m determined, strong and GORGEOUS inside and out. I know people should have confidence in how they look and feel and it’s always a struggle for me. It’s always been a struggle. What girl doesn’t feel that way?

Below is a picture from May. As you can see I don’t look very flattering…But you know what? I’m going to take my life into my hands. I want to be around to be able to have a family and kids. I want to be around to see my niece and future children grow up.


It’s time to get healthy and be happy. It’s time to show that I am a powerful, youthful, intelligent and strong woman. Here me roar! I’m going to shape my body the way I want and I want to show people that confidence I have when I’m with my friends, when I’m at my best. I may not see myself as pretty or worth dating at the moment, that’s going to change. I’m going to get this done and done right.

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