Old Poem

I used to believe you

When you said I was nothing

That I wasn’t worth a penny

I used to love you

With every ounce of my being

With every tear I wept

I used to think i was worthless

Especially on days you told me

Or your voice filled with anger

You used to yell at me

And I took it

You used to bring around other girls

And I let you

You used to bring me down

And I gave in

You used to lie to me

And I always believed you

What a man you were

Oh what a man you were

To tell a woman, she’s not worth it

It took a real man

To show me my worth

But at least I know now

My worth

My happiness

i’m not brought down anymore

I’m only brought up

What a difference LOVE makes

To know what it really feels like.

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