Lessons Learned While at Starbucks

Here’s what I got from my couple of hours at Starbucks looking for work –

1. I look sad. I sat across from this guy (The Starbucks that I frequent have two big tables that has six chairs…and it kind of forces you to sit by strangers to get close to a plug). Anyways, like I said, I sat across from this guy as it was one open seat to use a plug. There was another seat available, but the guy sitting at the other table looked a little frazzled and creeped me out a bit. The guy I sat in front of actually looked like my friend Joe and he seemed friendly enough. He also had a bible in front of him and his headphones on, so I figured he wasn’t going to try and talk to me. Back to why I think I look sad. I’m here for a good hour. The guy finally leaves, but as he leaves he stops and asks if I wanted a prayer. I said no right away,  because I haven’t gotten the whole faith thing down and truth be told, I would have felt a bit embarrassed had I said yes.  But why ask if I need prayer? I realized that I had some tears in my eyes…something had gotten in them and I teared up a bit, but then also, I had some thoughts in my head that kind of went with it. I then realized I had been talking to myself when he was glancing at over at me a few times. I wasn’t on the phone so there was no way to pull off that I was on it…I just talk to myself to vent out some steam or thoughts.  But still..I feel like the reason the guy asked if I needed prayer was because I look sad…or that i may need it. I mean, I do need it. But I’ve never been asked by a random stranger if I wanted prayer. It perplexed me. And I wonder if I need to smile more.

2. Starbucks is definitely overpriced.

3. But I still love Starbucks.

Those are the things I learned today while at Starbucks. Oh and that many people have no idea how great the green tea frapp is!

Here’s what I decided I want to do though – Smile more often. Smile from a genuine place.

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