Old Poetry

Below are a few poems I found on my old MySpace page. I wanted to read them and i realized a few things through reading those poems and my old blogs. I was very angry back then. It wasn’t even that long ago – but it looks like my last blog on MySpace was in 2008.But I was very angry and let me emotions and people get the best of me. Now I’m relaxed and chill – I still get angry, but goodness it’s not like before and thank goodness. I’m also not the same person. I’ve grown alot. But when I read these poems, I thought to myself that I need to get back into it. Poetry has a way to resonate with a person. My poems aren’t Maya Angelou worthy, but for me, their something special. What’s funny is that I know exactly what I was thinking about even after all these years when I wrote those poems. I hope you like these old poems of mine. Let me know what you think. 


There’s something about him
When you look
You’ll notice
There’s something about him

That slant in his eyes
Subtle but noticeable.
His impeccable smile
those dimples
So ….his

I can’t seem to stop staring
why cant i stop?
There’s just something about him

Maybe his adorable sense of humor
Or lack there of.
The way he laughs at everything
Especially what I say

His hair tussled back
Just to fall in his face
Trying to make it stay in place
What a sight!

There’s just something about him
I don’t quite understand
But my heart doesn’t want to go back

there’s something about him
Even if its broken
I still want what I cant have
There;s just something about him
That I want him back

“Poem for Creston”

Sitting in a church pew

Drenched in tears

Arm to arm with the people surrounding me

Holding hands in prayers

Dressed for the moment

All black attire

The crowd stands up

The dim lit church feels broken

A funeral in session

A brown casket

With something in it

I mean someone in it

Death is a foreign object

Was it his turn?

They perfected his hair,

And clothes, and teeth and feet today

They made him look dead


He is dead.

But he’s still alive in my head

I can’t seem to grasp it

It’s not of this world

No one will get used to it.

I can never get used to

Death take me away

Not him

He wasn’t supposed to go

Take me in his place

People will miss him

They won’t miss me,

Take me.

I cant seem to grasp it.

How he left.

But now he’s gone.

And we’re left to drown in tears

Yet we remember how he loved us

The cherished memories become more precious, and his name will ring in our ears for years to come.



I’m not the picture perfect woman

But I can manage on my own


I’m not the skinny blonde

But I am the average jane


No pop please

I mean the music

Its all about the rock n roll.


Don’t ever say goodbye

You had me at hello


When I say I miss you

Its secret codes for I love you.


There is but two pennies to my name

If you want to take that too,

Its fine


Give me a poem

I’d fall in your arms

Hoping you would catch me


Wishes are only wishes

I am only myself



No more listening to my heart

No more hurt

No more never ending streams of tears


There are too many fears

I cannot conquer what I cannot see

My heart pulls and pushes me

To the farthest ends


Let me sit and be

I won’t move anymore

I can’t move anymore


Controlled by anger


Time to cut the cord

No more room for you

I don’t love you anymore.


Dead and drafted

Dead soul

Dead mind.

Full of heart


Dead and drafted

Getting away from hell

Leaving for another pit of fire


Dead and drafted

Memories of a lost love.

Withered, but never forgotten.


Dead and drafted

Never returning


Taken for granted

How you will be missed dearly

Dead and drafted


Once in Love

You say you love me, just as before.

I see it in your eyes

The tales of folklore

The stories of fantasy

Never real.


You say you love me, just as I am.

All my faults

And the lies in between.

But never wanting to hear me speak.


You say you love me, and always will.

Where is the love that you love me with?

I signed the dotted line

Gave you my life

A letter that lasts forever

An undying will


The day that you say you love me again

I will show my back

Look the other way

I know you don’t love me

The way you should

Look what’s happened.

I turned my back on you

Little Kisses

Little kisses on my lips

With your hands around my hips


Staring into your eyes

No more unwanted lies


A little smile comes on my face when your hand lands into mine

For a moment in time, life is so perfectly fine


Just one more night

And I cant bring myself to say goodnight


I don’t want this to end

My heart can finally mend


How do you tell the person you love

I love you?

Add a hint of sugar sweet voice,

A warm heart

And a chocolate rose 

“Dream Boys” – was a working title back then and still is

In my dreams you’re always there. But not the way you should

Sitting down on a bench in a romantic park. With Him. Not you.

He gives me his jacket. Its getting colder. My cheeks are turning red. He looks at me. A smile upon his face. I wonder what he’s thinking. Is he remembering all the good times? or teh night in the park where I fell nd he swept me off my feet.

Does he love me?

He leans in to kiss me. My eyes are closed. His eyes are closed. But is it me he wnats to kiss? Does he love me?

Am i the girl in his visions at night? He holds me around my hips like i am his. For me, it was love at first sight. Does he love me?

He caressses my face. Twirls my hair playfull. A kiss on my cheek. He makes me smile and laugh. I can never take my eyes off of him. But does he love me?

in the far distance. I see a hidden creature. In the trees beyond the angleic waterfall. Eys peak out from the leaves. such a subtle set of blue eyes. Its not a monster. Its You.

i grabe him in fear. Wanting him to protect me. And he does.

As you run towrards us. He steps in front of me. Then your in front of him.

You yell and scream “why cant you be mine” i’m silent as the park we’re in. Not wanting to be in the middle. Yet I already am.

A brawl breaks out between the two.Suddenly there’s an urge to run away. I force myself to watch this bloody match.

who hit who first, i don;t remember. fists were thrown left and right. He had a disadvantage. The park is YOUR home field. You grab a rock and hit him in the face.

Before i realize it I am jumping in. You dare not hit the one you love.

Tears stroll down my face.They soon became icicles. Its just too damn cold. He falls down to the ground. In his own blood. One last breath ” I know you never loved me the way you loved the one who did this to me But i never took my eyes or heart off of you.”

he held on for dear life. Just to fight for me. I was his. He  was mine. 

And you…The one who created this nightmare. Who broke my heart such a long time ago.

Your not in my dreams the way you should be. Because in my dreams you should be dead and gone.



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  1. _khuslen_ says:

    woah that was amazing❤️❤️

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