Today I woke up with this feeling that all I want is ot be loved. To be loved from someone else that i love too…not family, but another human being that is not related to me.There’s this feeling inside of me saying that I want to be with someone, to care for them, to listen and help. Yes, one day I want to get married. But I’m 26 and I feel like the chance for that to happen is gone. 

It’s hard enough for me to meet people since I’m always busy. But you know, I’m not a model. I’m not over the top gorgeous. I’m not skinny either. I’m just me. I have a tendency to say things on my mind without thinking, i have a lot of extra meat on me, and i’m super short. Sometimes I wake up and don’t care how I look, but other days I try my best. 

It’s silly, I know, to want to rush things. But I feel like time is just slipping away from me and one day i’ll realize I wasted my life away and never shared a precious moment with someone I love.

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3 Responses to Searching

  1. _khuslen_ says:

    aw you seem like a great person and everyone feels insecure whatever it might be that they dont like about themselves but you know what? despite that, people find love and happiness and i am so sure that you will too❤️❤️

    • Thanks so much for the comment! That just brightened my day! I hope that I get to find love and happiness too! I know it takes time, but sometimes I’m just in a rush!

      • _khuslen_ says:

        you are so sweet❤️❤️
        and yea same with me!! but i jjst kind of want to let it happen wothout forcing it 🙂
        i am sure you will find love and happines since you are so sweet❤️

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