Just a thought

I haven’t written anything on my blog in such a long time. I just hadn’t had the time or rather, I just hadn’t much to say. 

But my thoughts have been overflowing lately. I guess one thought that came to me today is the fact that life is short. I hadn’t heard anything lately about the ferry accident in South Korea lately so i looked it up. I feel like people aren’t making this a big deal..IT IS! I mean, over 300 teenagers are no longer alive. This is a tragedy. I don’t know this kids and I am not Korean. I have visited Korea and knowing how their family structure is over there I feel for them so much. It’s so crazy what we hear about…I mean, out of all my friends only one of them had heard about it and she’s Korean and from Korea. 

Why do some things make big news and some don’t? It’s crazy. When 300 people lose their lives, ….

I wish I could do something for them. 

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