What Do You Do If You Hate Your Job?

Exactly as the title says. What do you do if you hate your job?

Maybe I should rephrase that. What do you do if you like your job, but dislike the people you work with?

I like my job. I like what I do. I am involved with various departments and their directors. I handle events, promotions and on the end, budgets, contracts and clients. I put my creative and business sides of my degrees to work. Who wouldn’t like a job where they actually utilize their degree??

The problem isn’t the job. It’s the people. I used to like my coworkers. They treated me with respect and everyone got a long. Not long after I got hired full time, I noticed things changing. My coworkers began complaining, not working.. my boss started to act differently and then they hired another manager and..things just keep going down hill.

I’m a firm believer in working hard, going above and beyond. I like to hear that I did a good job. And I like criticism. I want to hear if I need to improve. What I don’t like is to be blamed for something out of my control. I cannot stand being told that it’s my fault for a project that was taken out of my hands. I cannot stand being yelled out for stupid things. I hate unprofessionalism at work – such as cussing. Hey, I cuss, but never have I done that at work where people can hear me. I don’t talk bad about those at work, I wait till I get home.

All these things are piling up for me at work. It’s just not a happy environment anymore. I’ve been searching for a new job but no luck yet. What do I do?

Would you stay? Would you leave? Would you just suck it up? I want to know. There’s no growth there for me and no one has gotten a raise in 7 years from what I am told.

Do any of you have advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing? Or on job hunting in general? How do you ask one of your connections/networking people for a job at their company…and you know they’re hiring? Any help is appreciated .

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