Healthy Eating



Man, healthy eating is hard! But I’m trying. I’m bring my lunch to work and I’m eating little snacks during the day. Yesterday, the only horrible thing I ate was a handful of Cheetos. I haven’t had those in forever! (Hey, everyone likes to lick their fingers after cheetos. I am not the only one).

I realized if I buy my own foods/snacks and bring them to work I’m less tempted to get fast food or over indulge when I get home from work. I’m trying to eat more fruits (veggies are not my thing). I know I should those so I try to buy those steamable veggies so that I can have with whatever I’m eating. I’m also drinking water. Not too much, but more than what I have been.

Eating healthy may be hard right now, but I figure if I take baby steps then eventually it’ll just come naturally, right?

By the way, do any of you have any healthy recipes for asian dumplings? Or anything?! I’m trying to find some good recipes that I like. I love chicken, pork, fish, …any type of meet really. Comment and give me your favorite recipe!

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