Finding myself


Hi. This is me. I’m EM. That’s what I go by at least. My name is Erica. I took this photo today when I got home from watching a movie with my friend. Anyways, when I took this photo I realized something.

Part of my new year resolutions that I created were to find a hobby, lose some weight and other things. But what I failed to think about was how to make myself happy and what to do to get there. I thought that by saying I’m going to lose weight and change my appearance I could probably like myself a bit more and that maybe even a decent guy could somehow come to like me.

Truth be told, I’ve come to think about it. I was in a good mood today. I smiled a genuine smile. I even danced in my room which I have not done in a long time. Hey, you do it too!

As I took that picture I realized I wanted to have that smile more often. How amazing would it be to have this smile and have it come from place of true happiness. I don’t know what I have to do to keep this smile, but I’m gonna try to do things that keep it on my face.

I know I may not be the prettiest, smartest or even the nicest person, but what I want to strive for is to be a better person and to be genuinly happy. I am going to try to be confident and more assertive in a good way.

I know that being confident and happy will be a very important goal for me in 2014.

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