2014 Will be MY YEAR!

Yes, that’s right, 2014 will be my year! I’m going to keep ALL my New Year’s Resolutions. I will not fail this time around! my 2013 resolutions…Out of all of them, I kept one of them. That was to not have any soda. So come January 1, 2014, I have gone 365 days without any soda. It’s been hard, but hell, I did it! I didn’t lose the weight I wanted, nor did I get my health in check, but that’s okay. That’s what this coming year is for.

Here are my resolutions.

1. Image

Quit Starbucks. I must have a drink from there every other day. It’s gotten worst recently since it’s getting a bit cold down here (and it’s never this cold). I want something hot, and they have some hot drinks that keep me warm. I’ll miss those white chocolate mochas and green tea frapps, but you’re just not good for me. I’m sorry.

2. Image

Work out. That means going to the gym. And because I hate those gyms where no one helps you, I will resume Crossfit. If you don’t know what Crossfit is, you have to check it out! I love it because my friend knows what he talks about (and you’ll find a lot of “boxes” with coaches who have no idea what they’re doing), but he does. He’s a great trainer and the camaraderie I feel when I’m doing Crossfit is amazing. I ALWAYS feel motivated with them. I’ve made some pretty long-lasting friendships from it too. And when I stick with it, I can get stronger and lose some weight. Oh, if you live in San Antonio, Texas – go to elite-crossfit.com for more information. It could change your life! If only I kept it up!

3. Get healthy & visit my doctors. Because of lack of money and or some other excuses, I never see my doctors on a regular basis. I have to keep my Rheumatoid Arthritis (yes I have that) and Diabetes under control, and I can tell you for a fact that has not happen in 2013.

4. Keep up this blog. I love to write. And I like to communicate with people. I want to revamp my blog and add more things to it and get this as an avenue for me to spread my over exaggerated rants and emotions but then add some real thought into what I post.

5.Image I want to be happy with myself. I mean, I’m okay. But why not be happy? It’ll be a hard one to keep, but I just got to find that balance of doing what I want and what I need and being in a place where I’m not over analyzing myself or my actions. I like laughing, I should try it more often.

6. And last but certainly not least. I need to find a hobby. Maybe I’ll pick up my camera again and take some photos. Or maybe I’ll try finding a group of people who like to listen to kpop (I’m obsessed!). Maybe I’ll find someone else who wants to learn Korean. I could volunteer.  I could do so many things with the time I have. I just need to find something that I like and want to do.

I’m going to make 2014 my year! I don’t think I’ve ever been as serious as I am now. Why not start the year off right??

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