Dear No One by Tori Kelly

This video is, rather, this song resonates with me on a personal level. I am a strong and independent woman who can manage on my own. But then there are those times when you want someone to be there – someone to lean on. Someone to be intimate with.

Here’s to my “dear no one” –

Dear No One,
I can’t wait until the day I meet you. I think I’ll know when I meet you – when i know I don’t want you out of my life, even if you make me mad. I’m sure you’ll be somebody that I can’t stop laughing with and at. Dear no one, if you’re taking the long road to get to me, that’s fine. I’m working on myself – so I can be a better me. I know you’ll take me as a I am, but I want to be able to love me for myself too, so like I said, it’s okay if you take your time. Dear no one, I know I may be shy at first, but give me some time. I like to be friends before a relationship. Dear no one, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “love is friendship on fire” – so remember that is why I want to take things slow. Dear no one, you probably have a job and a place to live or working on getting an education. I want you to know that I’ll be super proud of you for anything you do so long as you are proud of me. I’ll call you out if you do something stupid and I expect the same from you. I don’t need you to call me everyday, but even if it’s a text or a message on FB, that will make me smile. Dear no one, when it comes to my image or my self esteem, bare with me. I know you will, but it’s just a reminder. I’m sensitive about the marks(bites) on my legs that i can’t help but scratch and make worst, but dear no one, I’m sure you’ll disregard that and still care.

Dear no one, if you find me being silent, don’t worry. I like to think to myself and contemplate the things we’ll do and go together. If I’m mad at you, be patient because sometimes I can be a bit overwhelming and can hold a grudge. I’ll get over it if you give me space – that doesn’t mean stop talking to me, because I probably enjoy the texts and calls and messages even if I’m mad. It means you still care. Dear no one, I’m sure we’ll both make mistakes and we may not know what to do to correct them. When that happens we’ll take a breath and let it out and realize we’re humans and it happens. Dear no one, the day I take you to meet my parents will be a miracle. Not many people (friends or boyfriends) get to meet them. So when you meet them: 1. My mom is spiritual and loves God very much. Though she raised me to believe in him, I have my own doubts, but know that I should probably let God back into my life, so I hope that you realize that faith will be a part of my life. My mom also thinks i won’t find anyone, so you’ll be a surprise. 2. My dad is stubborn and while I’m not a daddy’s girl, I’m his only daughter and he will not like you. You’ll get some brownie points with him if you like football and like the greenbay packers over the cowboys. My dad does not know that i’ve even dated, so the day you show up might just make him lose his marbles – might resort to old habits and grab a shoe and throw it at you. If you tell him you treat me right and you love me and care, you might just make an impression. 3. I also have three brothers. Beware. They will ask you all types of questions and they are all really tall. I got the bad genes of being short. Oh and the youngest one, he used to play football in high school and on a league sport, so he can tackle.

Dear no one, I warn you these things because I know my family. I know myself. I know I won’t be expecting you when you walk into my life. But the day you do and I realize it, I won’t let you go. You’ll be stuck with me. So dear no one, don’t break my heart – my brothers may just break you….Maybe. I am their only sister. Dear no one, I know this is rather long and we haven’t met yet, but I’ll do my best to figure out who I am and where I’m going. Dear no one, I’ll remember this post and show you one day. But I hope that when you read this, you’ll think to yourself, “just another reason i wanna be with this girl.”

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