Getting that Move On

In one of my previous posts called “Moving On” – I wrote about how I am moving on from “John” and how I will no longer talk to him etc. I even put his response to the mail I sent him about how i need some space and that if and when i get over him I’ll email him back to let him know I’m over him finally and that’s it. 

Yesterday, I sent an email to him saying I was finally over him. And I am! Well for the most part. Sometimes my friends bring him up in conversation and I get a bit angry. I no longer have this fantasy of him in my head. I realize that it may take me a long time to figure out what I want in a relationship and to even find the right guy, but I’m only 25 and I have some time. I don’t need to find Mr. right tomorrow. I can focus on what makes me happy.

It makes me wonder why I couldn’t figure this out before. Sure, he’ll always be my first “love”…whatever you want to call that. He’ll be the one that no matter how angry I get about what happened to us, I’ll still look back on it and remember that i really did care for him. And there will probably always be something there for him. But it’s definitely time for me to get out of this mindset that I can’t find anyone.

I know I am smart, awesome, strong, independent and I’m beginning to feel good with myself. sure there are some things I wish I could fix, but whoever I meet in the future will be fine with the whole package! I don’t’ want to settle.

I know I’m not picture perfect, but I’m perfect in my own way. So, Here’s to me being happy! (Pic below is when I went to South Korea!)


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2 Responses to Getting that Move On

  1. johannaknyn says:

    I don’t know you, but proud of you 🙂 such a lovely post

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