I am going on a vacation! Yes, a vacation. It’s a belated birthday gift to myself and my friend Sondra. Her birthday was in April and mine in May. I bought us a trip to Miami, Florida from July 2-7. I saved up a lot of money for this. Sometimes it’s good to just get away!

We’re staying at the hotel in the picture. Believe it or not, it’s called “Best Miami Hotel.” It better live up to its name. The reviews weren’t too bad and I got a good price so I’m not worried. We probably won’t be in the hotel much anyways. But I am very excited. I’ve never been to Miami. The only way the trip could be better is if the Spurs had won against them. I totally would have worn my Spurs shirt over there.

After my trip, I won’t have any days off until the end of August when I leave for my 2 week vacation to South Korea. I still can’t believe I’ll be going with my friend Martha. I mean, South Korea? I don’t think I’ll want to come back. Who would? Heck, I probably wouldn’t want to come back from Miami.

On another note, does anyone know any cool places that I have to check out in Miami or in Korea? Comment and let me know!

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