My San Antonio Spurs

I am saddened! The Spurs lost last night to the Miami Heat. Damn you Lebron James! I’m sorry, I refuse to acknowledge someone who thinks he’s God’s gift to basketball. If he thinks that about basketball, I can only imagine how he is about life.

But Kudos to the Heat. They beat the best of the west. But honestly speaking, the fact that they had to go to 7 games to win it means that they’re not as great as they think they are. With the Spurs, we’re an older team. We have our BIG THREE – Manu, Timmy and Parker. And though we depend on them, we can depend on our bench. From Green to Bonner. They back us up and are sometimes the ones that make the plays happen.

I’m not an expert on basketball or even the Spurs. So I may be completely wrong. But just knowing that the Spurs, who made it all the way to the playoffs with the team that we have, is a testament that we still have it. We may not have won again, but San Antonio as a community stands up for the Spurs no matter what. We are dedicated fans who, win or lose, will love the Spurs!

I’ll never get over the team. They are excellent basketball players and awesome people. They take care of San Antonio so we take care of them. You can’t say that about other teams. The Spurs are the CLASSIEST team in the NBA. That’s that.

Go Spurs Go! I ❤ you still!

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