Dream Job

My dream job is to do music marketing. If I could work for live nation, aeg, or even get into music journalism, my life would be complete.

I mean, I’ve dreamed about working in the music industry since I was a junior in college.

I have always loved music. All my friends would come to me on music. Whether it was mainstream or indie I was the person they’d go to. I miss that. I’m shamed to say I haven’t done much with music since I graduated with my b.a. Because I’m always working or was busy with school. But my passion is still there.

I envy those that can take a risk. I’ve never been able to. I have to work. I have I help my parents. I have bills. I can’t up and leave without a plan. What I know is that if someone gave me the opportunity right now, I’d jump at it in a heartbeat.

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