The Reason No One Will Date Me


That is why no one will date me. I can have the best personality in the world but if I’m not attractive then it won’t go anywhere.

I have bites everywhere! I am always scratching them. I mean I have tried everything to stop scratching but it never helps.

I live in San Antonio, Texas. It’s super hot here during summers. I am pretty much outside during the summer and I have to wear shorts or dresses. People have made comments and have made fun of me because of my legs and arms. I’m a feeding frenzy for any bug, especially Mosquitos.

If my legs and arms look like that, what guy would want to date someone like that?? Ugh. I guess I am just being a bit over reactive. But the more I think about it just seems that’s the reason.

I’m hopeless. Later I’ll feel better.

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