New poems I am working on

I am working on these poems. I think they’re missing something. What do you think?


I can’t seem to shake this feeling – it’s coming on too strong.

The loneliness sets in and I’m stuck realizing i miss you.

You left to follow your dreams, to let me live mine, but all I wanted was to spend more time with you.

I see your name in shining lights, crowds surround your every move.

Yet, I know how lonely it is.

I can see it standing from afar – the loneliness in you too.

Maybe we missed our chance.

Maybe it’s not over yet.


I hope my life doesn’t stop at you.

I hope that you’re not what I amount to.

I gave you my heart, gave you my all, gave you my love.

We didn’t work, but not for my lack of trying.

Somehow I knew you were still angry, but I don’t know what for.

I let you last out. I shouldn’t have allow it to happen.

It left me scared.

You left me.

Now i’m worried that I cared too much.

Because you creep into my dreams, whether I’m awake or sleeping, you’re always on my mind.

Years have gone by since we parted ways, though a message from you will sometimes appear.

It makes me melt, the apologies you send, the “I’m thinking of you notes,” and the pictures of foreign places I’ve never been.

But I have to fight the urge to answer you back. I know what might become if I do.

I’ll get caught up in you again.

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