First day of 2013

January 1, 2013! I did it. I did not drink a single ounce of soda! Now let’s hope I can keep it up. I sort of ate a bit bad though, but my diet will be a work in progress. I had some breakfast from a Mexican restuarant..over medium eggs, potatoes and a steak cut. It was yummy! Oh and then two tortillas. The rest of the day I just had some orange juice, grapes, some french bread and then for dinner ramen noodles.

Tomorrow I am going to start drinking more water and I will be joining the Crossfit class at 7:15pm. I’m excited to FINALLY make this move. I am going to do this no matter what happens. I want to feel good about myself and make sure that I am who I am and let that shine. I know I’m awesome and I want others (especially ones that I find interest in) to notice that too.

I know I’m not that pretty. I can talk to guys, that’s fine, but I end up in the friend position, and actually, that’s fine, because most of the time I have to be attracted to that person or click with them, and I usually only click with my friends…Trust me, all my close guy friends are super attractive. The problem is..they’re my friends! Anyways, I was listening to Rascal Flatts’ “Broken Road” and I love that song. It always makes me shed a tear. I think that one day, when the time is right, when i feel good about myself, I’ll meet someone who will be right for me. This song reminds me of that.

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