Celebrities and Social Issues

Why do I keep reading and hearing a lot about how celebrities were bullied? For once, I know this sounds bad, but I want to hear one celebrity say that they bullied someone. I cannot honestly believe that they were all saints. I cannot believe that a lot of them were bullied, I just cannot. I can only imagine that some of them bullied others.

When celebrities talk about being bullied, we see them as “OMG, they are rich and famous and they went through what I went through”…It’s not the right idea. What you need to see is that others go through what you go through all day. They just don’t have the platform to shout it out and make millions off of saying it. Furthermore, what do we know about them? How do we know they were bullied?

It’s not just with bullying. I hate when women celebrities talk about how they used to be ugly! Then we see the picture that they’re referring to and it’s like … “If that’s ugly, then what the hell am i?” I know that even celebrities worry about how they look–suffering from bulemia, anorexia, or whatever else there may be. It’s heightened becuase of their status. But it gets on my nerves that they make it a big deal. At least they have the money to help themselves! Where I grew up, how I grew up, we fix those things by ourselves, if we even could. We don’t have the money to try to help ourselves and if we find a program, we feel like failures. Celebrities have the money to get the help they need.

This is just a rant and it’s rather poorly written and not very thought provoking. I’m sure tons of people would not agree. In a few hours, I’ll probably re-think this and think I could have explained myself better. But at the moment, I’m just annoyed about it after reading a whole slew of “articles” about celebrities being bullied or lacking self esteem or some other social issue that’s flaming about like politics. Don’t even get me started on the whole politics and celebrities issue. i can go on forever on that topic. Heck, I did a paper (sorta) on it.

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