I have poetry that I’ve been writing throughout the years. I’ve been a lover of poetry since I was in 6th grade. I’ve always been good at writing. Someone told me that I could put what I was feeling into words and I did. It really let a lot of frustration I had during tough times, out. So off and on since then I write some poems about what I’m going through. No one ever gets to read or hear them besides myself and a couple of friends.

My poems are a reflection of me, my thoughts or experiences in someway. They’re not worthy of acclaim or read like an award winning author, but they all mean something to me. Along with the “chapters of my life” I will also post some of my poems. Not that I have an audience, but at least someone else can see and read them.

I divulge little secrets
To strangers on the streets
There’s no need for a penny
My thoughts run freely

The top of my head
There’s no where else to keep them
Except to give them to the strangers that I meet

Some who keep them, forget them
and those that squeal, and some who laugh
Many listen, at least pretend,
but one thing’s for sure

most just remember
a lonely looking girl
divulging secrets
to strangers on the streets

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