So, if you read the post “love of my life” you found out a little about John. And if you read another pay “my fascination with Korea” then you know I’m contemplating about traveling abroad.

So how do these two things go together and somehow make me wonder if life is laughing at me?

John was in the army. He was in the army for…about 4 years. He even got married while in the army to some girl from back home, who was already cheating on him while they were engaged and he was in Germany. They even have s kid together, but as of now, they’ve been divorced for a year or two.

Anyways, he got out of the army in 2011. And somehow magically he is back in. He is also supposedly in the one place that I want to go to. I mean, of all places? What are the chances. I don’t know if I believe it or not. I couldn’t ever really tell if he lied to me about stuff like that. All I know is that there is a good chance for me to go in 2013 to Korea. And I’m super excited about that.

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