Fascination with another culture

I’ve been fascinated with the Korean culture. I started watching some Korean dramas on Netflix and some k-pop/rock…then i started reading articles about Korea etc. I’ve become fascinated with this country. It’s amazing how different the USA is to it.

I’ve become so  drawn to it that I am now enrolled in a 12 week program to learn Korean. That’s right, i’m going to learn it. Although, I probably should be learning Spanish first. But I’ve been around Spanish all my life…I never bothered to actually learn it because everyone told me I should learn it, which made me not want to care about it. I mean, sure, it would give me a few extra dollars or cents at a job somewhere, but I never did think working was all about the money. Now I’ve figured I actually want to learn Korean. It’s something that I want to do and not something that others are telling me I should do either. This is simply for me. I like the idea. My mom is against it. She says it’s not going to get me anywhere. But so what? At least I can say that I can speak two languages, right?

Secondly, because of my fascination with this, it brought back my serious consideration to try one of those “teach english in a foreign country” program. I’ve been thinking about that for about a year. I mean, my job searching and hunting isn’t going very well. I’ve been applying everywhere! No one seems to want to give me the opportunity to show them that I am exactly what they need. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Since that’s the way it is, I was thinking of finding a program like that so that I can save up money. A lot of these programs pay you very well, and they pay for your plane tickets to and from the country you choose to teach english in, the housing, and offer you the opportunity to tour the country as well. I could save money this way. I’ve asked around and a lot of my friends know someone who has done it and they absolutely loved it. I’ve never experienced anything like that…i wouldn’t mind. I mean, its different when you visit somewhere for fun, than for work.

I don’t know what I will do. I need to find a job soon so that I can start paying back all my school loans. I racked up a good $60,000. Granted, that is a lot less than others, but still, it’s a lot when you have a part time job that barely gets you by. Plus, I have a lot of credit card debt that i’m taking care of. I wish I wasn’t that naive when I first got them…but it happened. Now i’m paying the price. Good thing i’m almost done with that.

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