First Blog

This is my first blog post.

I guess to start off, I go by EM. I’m 24 and well, trying to figure my life out. I love to write, so much so, I have a degree in journalism. I mostly like features, but can do some hard news too when the time asks for it. Although, it’s been forever since I have written anything, even for school. This blog is my way of getting back into my writing, a way of getting my ideas and thoughts out, but also venting or looking at things differently. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve been through my short life…I mean, I know others have it worst than me, but I think my story is worth telling too.

Actually, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell my life story, no matter how scattered it may be in the telling. When it comes down to it, my experiences and thoughts are part of my life and make me who I am, so why not put them down.

This first blog post I just wanted to introduce myself, but I have something on my mind. Something that is soo trivial and I guess you can say, “what a girl.” I’m 24 and lately, all I seem to be thinking about is, when will I find a nice guy? When will someone fall for me? I guess you can say, I have some image issues. I mean, what girl doesn’t? But does this image issue and wondering if fairy tales come true ever end? I guess I can explain that a bit further, it goes back to a lot of things. But that’s another post.

One thing I want to say is: this is my therapy. I firmly believe that writing things out is therapeutic.I guess that’s another reason why I love to write so much. Bare with me. It’ll be some of my deepest thoughts and some secrets. Well, once they’re out, they’re no longer secrets, but at least you won’t tell, right?

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2 Responses to First Blog

  1. Sally says:

    EM – very best of luck your blog.

  2. Angela says:

    Your 24!!!! I could only wish. It takes time to find that right guy, just be patient, and date around! Seee what you like and not. And good luck : )

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